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How bplanned & surveyed was built from nothing to a leading town planning & surveying consultancy.

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Where it all began

Since our first client in 2012, we have wanted to create a supportive environment that our clients would want to come back to. So we built our team with people who are passionate about their industry and we made it our mission to continually educate them in how to better understand client needs. We actively encourage them to get out and experience what our clients experience, to understand the constant changes in the industry and in doing so our clients get the sense of real value in the delivery of our services. 

Growing our services

Many people would assume that you would have a fair understanding of your industry having been through university, but it has been our experience that you really only get to know the industry having worked in it.  That is no more so true when dealing with Councils and Local Government Bodies as they have their own ways, so when we set about to grow our services we took a close look at the experience of our senior staff.  Brodie Fowler (Director) was employed by the Department of Education, one of only two Town Planners whose responsibilities it was to plan out greenfield educational requirements and draft legislation.  Daniel Zilli (Director) was employed by Redlands City Council in a role that saw him resolving planning and environmental conflicts in turn increasing the number of developments being approved. 

Giving back

Having grown up locally, it is with real commitment that we’ve kept our office central to Carina. After all, as all Town Planners knows it’s not enough to build a city, they have to be strong and economically sound communities that can support each other. We encourage inter-business relationships with our local businesses and where possible refer work locally. We also give back to local schools and sporting facilities as part of our donation planning each year.