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Dual Occupancies Development Brisbane and Queensland

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Dual Occupancies Development

bplanned & surveyed have extensive experience with the proposal of dual occupancies and dual key dwellings throughout Queensland. Working with several residential developers to large project home builders who sell to the investment market not only in Queensland but in areas such as Sydney and Melbourne too. 

bplanned & surveyed can also prepare the building format plans to subdivide the units.

Dual Occupancies Development

Questions to consider before investing in a dual occupancy development

  1. What is the local council’s zoning and planning regulations regarding dual occupancy developments?
  2. Is the land suitable for dual occupancy development? For example, is it large enough, flat, and without significant natural or man-made barriers?
  3. Are there any easements, covenants or other legal restrictions on the land that would prevent dual occupancy development?
  4. What are the estimated costs of developing the land into dual occupancy units, including planning and construction costs?
  5. What is the expected time frame for obtaining development approval from the local council and other relevant authorities?
  6. What is the current demand for dual occupancy properties in the local market?
  7. What is the expected rental income and/or resale value for dual occupancy properties in the area?
  8. What are the potential risks associated with dual occupancy development, such as unforeseen costs or legal challenges?
  9. Are there any government incentives or grants available for dual occupancy development?
  10. What are the best strategies for marketing and selling or renting out dual occupancy properties in the area?

How we can help 

Since our first client in 2012, we have wanted to create a supportive environment that our clients would want to come back to. So we built our team with people who are passionate about their industry and we made it our mission to continually educate them in how to better understand client needs.

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