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Services Setout Survey

Services setout survey is a crucial step required prior to preparing for any type of construction work and involves the transferring of the design of the new services associated with the following onto the land itself; 

  • Buildings
  • Earthworks
  • Roads
  • Car Parks
  • Sewerage, storm water and water

What is involved in a Services Setout Survey?

Services setout surveys are required under Council approved Operational Works and are generally one of the survey tasks associated with a subdivision of land.  They generally include: 

  • Road Centre Line Set Out – This includes pegging of all road centreline points fronting the lots. It also includes establishing horizontal and vertical control marks and any offset pegs required by the contractor.
  • Sewer & Roofwater Drainage Set Out – This includes office calculations and the staking of all manholes, maintenance shafts and boundary points where house connections are to be constructed.
  • Water Supply & Service Conduit Set Out – This includes office calculations and the pegging of the front of all lots to enable the accurate placement of fire hydrants, sluice valves, water service conduits, stormwater manholes, chambers and allotment retaining walls.

How much does Services Setout survey cost?

It’s best to get in touch with us and request a quote based on your specific project requirements. We will assess the scope of the project and provide an estimated cost. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Services Setout Surveys in Brisbane

To identify a professional services setout surveyor, you can consider the following: 

  • Check their qualifications: Ensure that the surveyor you choose is qualified and licensed to operate in Queensland. You can check with the relevant professional bodies and authorities to verify their credentials. 
  • Look for experience: Look for a surveyor with experience, particularly for the type of project you have. Experienced surveyors are more likely to be familiar with the regulations and requirements and can provide better quality services.
  • Check their reputation: Look for reviews or testimonials from previous clients to get an idea of the surveyor’s reputation. You can check online review websites or ask for references.
  • Check their technology and equipment: A professional set out surveyor should have the necessary equipment and technology to provide accurate results. Check if they use modern surveying equipment and software, and are up-to-date with the latest industry standards and practices.

By considering these factors, you will understand that bplanned and surveyed are professional set out surveyors and that we can provide quality services for your project.

Note that only a registered cadastral surveyor can finalise a Form 12 certification for set out in relation to boundary setbacks.

There are various types of set out surveys that a surveyor can perform. Some of the common types include: 

  • Building set out survey: It involves marking out the exact location of a proposed building on the site. The surveyor will use pegs and string lines to mark the position of the building’s corners and walls, ensuring that it is constructed in the correct location.
  • Road set out survey: It involves marking the location of a proposed road on a site. This type of survey is essential for road construction projects to ensure that the road is built in the correct location and meets the required standards and regulations.
  • Utility set out survey: This type of survey involves marking the location of utility services such as water, gas, electricity, and telecommunications on a site. The surveyor will mark the position of underground pipes and cables to ensure that they are not damaged during construction.
  • Boundary set out survey: This type of survey involves marking the boundaries of a property. The surveyor will use existing boundary markers, such as fences or walls, or install new ones to mark the property’s boundaries accurately.
  • Earthworks set out survey: It involves marking the position of excavations, fill, and grading on a site. This type of survey is essential for earthworks projects such as site preparation, landscaping, and road construction.

These are some of the common types of set out surveys that bplanned & surveyed can perform. The type of set out survey required will depend on the specific project and its requirements.

We only employ experienced registered surveyors who will ensure your project runs smoothly and avoid costly set out mistakes. 

If you would like more information about our set out surveys or to discuss your next project, call us now on 1300 275 266.