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Boundary Survey

Also, known as identification/surround surveys, boundary survey locates exactly where your property boundaries lie. 

Only a Cadastral Surveyor, registered with the Surveyors Board of Queensland, is qualified to undertake this type of survey in Queensland.

What is a Boundary Survey?

The purpose is to reinstate the exact position of the boundary of the subject lot. It also identifies any possible encroachments of assets located close to the boundaries. Easements and covenants within the lot can also be identified aiding in accurate design. 

An Identification Survey will provide the exact location of assets over or near boundaries and is used as evidence in property boundary disputes.

Do I need a boundary survey?

They are essential for new construction as well as for home owners considering purchasing a property. They determine the exact location of boundaries on a property and are legally enforceable. 

They can be used for more minor projects by homeowners, such as building a fence within the proper boundary, to large-scale construction that helps subdivide lots and demonstrate where one starts and another ends. They are often part of the requirements for local councils when submitting new development plans for approval. Your town planner may also be able to consult with you on whether you need it for your particular project.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boundary Surveys in Brisbane

The cost can vary depending on a range of factors, such as the size and complexity of the property, the location, and the surveyor’s fees. 

The average cost for a normal residential identification survey by bplanned and surveyed is $2850 – $3000 + GST. The cost can vary depending on any encroachments found, cost of survey plans purchased and the size of the lot being surveyed .

It is important to note that boundary surveys are a necessary part of any property transaction, and their cost is a small price to pay for the peace of mind and legal protection they provide. They ensure that you know the exact location of your property lines, preventing any potential boundary disputes with neighbours and ensuring that you are complying with local planning regulations.

A boundary survey typically includes the following: 

  • Search: Investigating the property’s title, historical land records, previous surveys submitted and held with Dept of Resources (DOR) and any relevant legal documents to determine the legal description of the property’s boundaries.
  • Measurements: Field survey to locate original survey marks recorded on survey plans, occcupation and assets, using specialized equipment such as total stations and in some rural situations, GPS.
  • Marking: Marking the corners and boundary lines of the property with physical markers, such as approved survey pegs, pins, or markers embedded in the ground, to indicate the precise location of the boundaries.
  • Survey Plan: Creating a survey plan that shows the property’s boundaries and any relevant features, such as easements, encroachments, or existing structures, and provide a written report that details the survey findings. These plans are then submitted and held with Department of Resources.

A boundary survey in Brisbane is designed to provide accurate and reliable information about the physical and legal boundaries of a property, which can be used for a variety of purposes, including property transactions, building and development projects, and boundary disputes.

Our team of cadastral surveyors are registered with the Surveyors Board of Queensland, and have the experience to solve even the the most complex of boundary reinstatements. We will prepare an accurate survey plan suitable for lodgement with the Department of Resources. 

We will accurately locate and report all encroachments, easements and covenants located on the property. If encroachments are identified, we notify all parties involved and lodge a survey plan noting the encroachments with the DOR, therefore making these encroachments a matter of public record.

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