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bplanned & surveyed has experience working with several different religious groups throughout South-East Queensland. We have not only been involved with the approvals for their community facilities but have also assisted them in purchasing future community development sites and obtaining approval for other developments. 

We also have experience in Ministerial Designations (MID). Ministerial Infrastructure Designation’s (MID) facilitate the delivery of certain community supporting infrastructure without requiring approval from the local Council. Examples of infrastructure considered include hospitals, schools, police/ambulance/fire stations, power lines, sporting facilities, water supply infrastructure and sewerage treatment plants.

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Special Needs Housing | Beenleigh​

Special Needs Housing | Beenleigh​

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Questions to consider before investing in a community development

  1. What are the current demographic trends and community needs in the area where I am considering developing?
  2. What are the zoning requirements and regulations in Queensland?
  3. How can I involve the local community in the development process?
  4. What are the infrastructure and service requirements in Queensland?
  5. Are there any grants or funding options available in Queensland?
  6. What are the potential economic and social benefits?
  7. How can I ensure the sustainability and long-term viability?
  8. What are the potential risks and challenges in Queensland?
  9. How can I ensure that the community project aligns with the values and priorities of the local community?
  10. What are the best practices and success stories in Queensland and how can I learn from them?

The focus of community development

Community development initiatives in Brisbane can focus on a variety of areas, such as housing, transportation, parks and open spaces, community centres, and other public facilities. 

For example, new construction projects might involve building new homes, apartments, or townhouses, while redevelopment initiatives might involve revitalizing existing parks, community centres, or public spaces. Community development can also involve the acquisition of existing properties, such as community centres or public parks, to improve the overall quality of life in the area.

Types of community development initiatives

There are several types of community development initiatives in Brisbane, including: 

  1. Affordable Housing Development
  2. Transportation and Infrastructure Development
  3. Parks and Open Space Development
  4. Community Centers and Public Facilities Development
  5. Economic Development
  6. Environmental Sustainability

How we can help 

Since our first client in 2012, we have wanted to create a supportive environment that our clients would want to come back to. So we built our team with people who are passionate about their industry and we made it our mission to continually educate them in how to better understand client needs.

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