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Form 12 Certification

Form 12 is a statutory document that has specific functions under the laws of the Building Act and Building Regulations, and persons who issue them have certain functions and duties.

What is involved in Form 12 Certification?

We will evaluate your property prior to quoting to ensure that the building set out isn’t all your need. Most approved building applications show the proposed buildings as being set back from the Lot boundaries. Therefore, to set out these proposed buildings, a boundary survey is generally required to establish the exact location of the boundary so that the proposed building can be set out in the correct location. 

Provided the boundary has been surveyed and the building set out correctly, a cadastral surveyor can sign a form 12 certifying that the building has been set out in accordance with the approved plans.

Why it is important to have Form 12 Certification?

A building certifier requires a Form 12 certificate from a cadastral surveyor certifying that a building has been constructed according to the approved plans. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Form 12 Certification in Brisbane

Form 12 refers to an Aspect Inspection Certificate and was formerly known as Form 16. This certificate is issued by a competent person appointed by the building owner or their agent and confirms that a particular aspect of the building, such as plumbing or drainage, complies with the relevant sections of the Building Regulation 2021.

To get a Form 12 certificate, you will need to engage us as a registered surveyor. Here are the general steps to obtain it: 

  1. Determine which aspect of the building requires inspection and certification, such as set out and/or overall height of the building
  2. Find a surveyor who is authorized to issue a Form 12 certificate.
  3. Engage the surveyor to inspect the relevant aspect of the building and issue a Form 12 certificate if it complies with the Building Regulation 2021.
  4. The surveyor will complete and sign the Form 12 certificate and provide a copy to the building owner or their agent.
  5. The building owner or their agent must then submit the Form 12 certificate to the relevant authority, such as the local council, to obtain the necessary approvals for the building.

It is important to note that the process of obtaining a Form 12 certificate may vary depending on the specific aspect of being certified and the requirements of the local council. It is advisable to consult with us for further guidance on the specific requirements of your situation.

As a registered Cadastral Surveyor we are approved to sign off on your Form 12 Certification, ensuring that your boundary has been surveyed and the building set out correctly according to the approved plans. 

If you would like more information about providing a Form 12 or to discuss your next project, call us now on 1300 275 266.