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Our Services

We provide a range of services to assist with the development process – from preliminary advice to providing town planning reports and assessment to accompany development applications and full cadastral surveying and drafting services.

Key services offered

Some of the key services we offer in Brisbane include: 

  • Development assessment and approvals: we help developers and property owners navigate the complex development approval process, including obtaining permits and meeting regulatory requirements.
  • Land and property surveying: We offer a wide range of surveying services, however not limited to boundary surveys, contour and detail surveys, building set out, construction survey, cadastral surveying, building format plans, survey plans, sales plans, Form 12.

Town planning

  • Preliminary town planning investigations
  • Due diligence reports
  • Development applications
  • Ministerial designations
  • Material Change of Use – Residential, Commercial and Industrial
  • Reconfiguring a lot – From 1 into 2 lot subdivisions to large scale greenfield developments
  • Risk Smart development applications – Brisbane City Council, Logan City Council, Gold Coast City Council
  • Request for minor change applications
  • Request for other change applications
  • Negotiated Decision Notices
  • Infrastructure Charge Negotiations
  • Infrastructure Agreements
  • Expert Witness reports
  • Plan Sealing
  • Project Coordination


  • Contour and detail survey
  • Natural Ground Survey
  • Identification Survey (boundary survey)
  • Construction survey
  • Engineering survey
  • Preparation of Building Format Plans
  • Preparation of sales plans
  • Preparation of Survey Plans
  • Preparation of Easement plans
  • Form 12 Certification