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Aged Care Development

bplanned & surveyed have had ongoing experience in aged care since starting in 2012. We have successfully obtained approval for facilities up to 200 units which have provided a range of independent, semi dependant and high care needs. 

With our extensive experience we have been involved in the business structure to ensure the model fits in with the relevant regulations. Aged care facilities are regulated by the Australian Government’s Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission, which sets standards for the quality and safety of care. Developers must comply with these standards in order to obtain approval for aged care developments.

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Questions to consider before investing in an aged care development

  1. What are the current and projected demographic trends for aging population in the region?
  2. What is the demand for aged care services in the area, and what types of services are most in demand?
  3. What is the current supply of aged care facilities in the area, and how does it compare to the demand?
  4. What are the regulatory requirements for aged care facilities in Queensland, and how do they impact development plans?
  5. What are the expected costs of developing an aged care facility, including land acquisition, construction, and ongoing operational expenses?
  6. What are the funding options for aged care development, such as government grants or private investment?
  7. What is the potential return on investment for an aged care facility, including revenue streams and profit margins?
  8. What are the design and building requirements for an aged care facility, such as accessibility, safety features, and health regulations?
  9. What are the staffing and management requirements for an aged care facility, and what are the associated costs?
  10. What are the marketing strategies for an aged care facility, and how can it best reach and serve the target market?

How we can help 

Since our first client in 2012, we have wanted to create a supportive environment that our clients would want to come back to. So we built our team with people who are passionate about their industry and we made it our mission to continually educate them in how to better understand client needs.

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