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We firmly believe that by collaborating together everyone accomplishes more! So we encourage our staff to go the extra mile and immerse themselves in the industry they support, to get to know what affects our clients and to find ways to assist our clients in achieving their development outcomes.

Our Town Planners


Brodie Fowler – Director

Brodie Fowler is the founding director of bplanned & surveyed and is a highly networked and a commercially minded town planner. With more than 19 years’ experience in the State Government and private sector, Brodie has delivered high quality residential, commercial, community and industrial projects for his clients throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales. 

His experience and personable approach to business has allowed him to build strong relationships with Local and State Government organisations and develop an extensive knowledge of the planning and development process throughout Queensland.

His specialty lies in the initial stages of a project working closely with his clients and stakeholders to provide expert advice and solutions to identify and mitigate any issues early in the development process. This ensures his clients are able to meet their project objectives. As Brodie is undertaking his own development projects he understands what is required to deliver successful project outcomes for his clients.

Other than town planning and development, Brodie’s passion is building and maintaining relationships with people. He is responsible for the business development, client experience and driving a collaborative team culture for bplanned & surveyed.

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Daniel Zilli – Director

Daniel is a Director at B Planned & Surveyed and has over 18 years of experience as a consulting town planner and project manager in the private sector. Based in Brisbane, Daniel specialises in providing high-quality, commercial town planning advice to the urban development sector operating in Queensland. 

Daniel specialises in leading multidisciplinary teams through due diligence investigation, planning approval process, operational works, civil construction and plan sealing. His holistic view of the development process ensures that projects can be delivered with maximum profit and minimal delay. He fundamentally understands the importance of, the entire development process, including disciplines and processes outside of his profession, the legislative framework and how these influence project feasibility, risk management and project delivery.

Daniel’s specialties include:-

– Development Approval Negotiation and Strategy Development
– Planning and Environment Legislation
– Development Opportunity Appraisals
– Opportunity Identification
– Renegotiation of existing approvals to improve yield and remove onerous conditions
– Management of projects following planning approval

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Ken Burmeister – Senior Town Planner

Our Surveyors

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Jim Goodwin - Director

Jim established himself as a respected cadastral surveyor within the industry through hard work and perseverance. He graduated in 1979 with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Surveying) from the then Queensland Institute of Technology and has since gone on to manage large survey teams based out of Brisbane. 

His experience has taught him the responsibilities associated with the management of larger subdivisions, infrastructure projects and Coal Seam Gas projects with long line easements down to the smaller private developments, both urban and rural.

Having the disciplines of Town Planning and Surveying working together as a team has ensured the seamless transition from development application to plan registration and the issuing of new titles that developers are looking for. This principle was the basis for the formation of B Planned and Surveyed which brings together Jims experience with that of Brodie Fowler and Daniel Zilli.

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Jason Hack – Associate Surveyor

Graduated from the University of Southern Queensland in 1997 (Associate Degree in Surveying).
Jason has a long-established career as a surveyor with eye for detail and excellent skills in managing survey crews. These abilities ensure that projects are delivered without mistakes and on time. 

He started working in the surveying industry in 1994 and has worked in the oil and gas industry for 15 years in remote areas in Queensland. Over the last 20 years Jason has worked and managed countless cadastral projects in rural and urban subdivisions and long line easements.

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Joshua Hunger – Graduate Surveyor

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Thomas Gibson – Graduate Surveyor

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Joshua Belot – Associate Surveyor

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Liz Holiday – Administration and Accounts